Rescued Greyhound with Buck-toothed Smile Chatters Her Way into People’s Hearts


Salty the Greyhound is a dog with a happy if unusual smile that makes an impression on everyone she meets. That’s because she has an adorable overbite with teeth that look a lot like a human’s.

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But that’s not the only thing this rescued dog does that makes her special. She also adorably chatters her teeth when she’s excited and happy.

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People often misconstrue Salty’s teeth chattering for being cold, being scared or having the flu.

But no, chattering (or chittering) is a well-known trait of the breed, much like “zoomies” is, or how Rottweilers are known for their purring “rumble”.

Here’s an example her mom filmed. Press play on the image below to hear and see Salty’s chattering in action.

Salty was adopted by Australian Lucy Percival from Gumtree Greys and they now live in Melbourne.

Salty’s chattering gets her a lot of attention, says mom Lucy. “Salty chatters a lot! She chatters when it’s breakfast or dinner time, she chatters when we come home and she wants cuddles, she chatters when she’s sleeping on me like a giant baby, Lucy told the Dodo.

“She also chatters a lot when we go out,” Lucy adds. “Salty really loves being with people, so she often chatters when we’re in bars, pubs and cafés.”

When her family has a beer, Salty gets a puppuccino.

Salty also loves hanging out with her foster pals.

And dressing up for special occasions.

She loves taking naps…

And cuddling.

All and all, life is good for Salty.

Salty has also brought a lot of joy to the lives of her family.

“You can’t really explain how unconditional love changes your life,” Lucy says. said. “The greatest joy in our lives is seeing her happy.”

Keep on chattering, Salty!


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