Rescuing the poor dog from a cruel fate has risen to victory over fate and is lucky to feel his love

Ava, a 45-day-old puppy, was born with two damaged hind legs. Her life was a living hell since she was covered in filth and mange. Fortunately, rescuers were summoned and immediately arrived on the spot.

After that, they took the dog to be inspected. She has an extremely low red blood cell count, barely 17%, and requires medication to raise her blood cell count. Her liver and kidneys are malfunctioning. She should be treated for a blood parasite.

Day 9: Ava is being treated by a veterinarian for her blood parasite and mange.

Her skin is improving, and she is becoming more active. She attempted to walk on her left hind leg while standing on two of her hind legs.

Thirteen days later “I need to take her to the vet and get an X-ray to evaluate how her bones are. Ava, chacking up her feces and taking her temperature.” stated her foster mother

Ava was being treated for all of her health issues after more than a month! She began to develop regularly, and her coat began to expand, becoming smooth and silky. She is quite energetic and sociable, and she adores her rescuers! What a difference! View the video below.

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