Saved From Mercy Killing, Strawberry the Unicorn Dog Is Caring Life in Her Forever Residence

Saved From Mercy Killing, Strawberry the Unicorn Dog Is Caring Life in Her Forever Residence

Surprisingly, unicorns turn out to be real creatures, and Strawberry demonstrates that they are the most delightful animals.

Originally on a sanctuary’s euthanasia list, the unicorn dog was saved just in time by a regional rescue company. Now, Strawberry is enjoying her best life alongside her forever family members.

Laura Labelle, the owner of the Labelle Foundation in Los Angeles, found herself immersed in her daily routine of sorting through numerous emails in April 2022. Amongst the sea of messages, one email from a sanctuary caught her attention as it contained a picture of a pit bull. The urgency in the message conveyed that if Laura couldn’t find a new home for the pup, it would unfortunately face euthanasia. However, what made this particular dog stand out was the prominent bump on its head, situated above its left eye, adding a unique aspect to its story.

Labelle tells Daily Paws that there was an undeniable charm about the little unicorn. “I couldn’t help but think, oh my goodness, this dog is absolutely adorable. She’s bound to be taken quickly.”

Once she recognized the need to protect herself, Labelle visited the sanctuary to retrieve her, and the affectionate nature of the unicorn pup immediately embraced her.

Labelle recalls the moment they introduced the special dog to her, mentioning how affectionate and kind-hearted she was.

The Secret Bump

Regrettably, her physical condition was far from perfect. Additionally, Labelle described the dog’s peculiar unicorn bump, stating that the canine’s skin was “horrific” with bright red scabs. Hence, the name Strawberry seemed highly fitting.

Labelle received a lot of speculation regarding the bump on Strawberry’s head, with many wondering if it could be a tumor. Through the rescue’s efforts, enough funds were raised to provide Strawberry with a CT scan. The results revealed that the bump is simply scar tissue, possibly from a previous injury, but the exact cause remains unknown. Thankfully, it poses no threat to Strawberry’s health.

Labelle explains that cosmetic surgeons have determined that attempting to remove Strawberry’s bump would be more harmful than beneficial due to its proximity to her brain, especially since it does not cause her any pain.

Labelle expresses her excitement, recalling their initial fear of a possible terrible and fatal outcome. However, their worries were pleasantly dispelled as they discovered it was just a lighthearted scar, which only served to deepen their affection for her.

Before going to a foster home, Strawberry had some experience with Labelle. Labelle described herself as a “charming and easygoing individual” who harmoniously interacted with everyone at home, including the cat and children. Eventually, Strawberry transitioned to her foster home and found a wonderful family with exceptional children who adored her.

Introducing Strawberry’s New Family Members

Kristen Kulhman and her household chose to adopt the unique dog in September 2022 after being captivated by the Instagram posts about her by the Labelle Structure.

“She kept showing up, and I believe it was simply her lovely, kind eyes and that unique bump on her head,” Kulhman shares with Daily Paws. “That’s the kind of dog I want to assist, and that’s the kind of dog I adore.”

Strawberry, a two-year-old puppy, initially arrived at her forever home with Kuhlman, causing some concern due to her frequent relocations. However, after a few weeks, Kuhlman noticed a positive transformation in Strawberry, describing her as an enjoyable and extraordinary dog.

According to Kuhlman, Strawberry is an energetic pet who constantly craves being part of the action. This lively canine thoroughly enjoys playing fetch with her human siblings and has recently developed a fondness for going on walks, which used to make her slightly anxious, according to Kuhlman.

According to Kulhman, she is very likely one of the most affectionate, nurturing, and cuddly dogs I have ever encountered.

According to Labelle, there is a multitude of extraordinary dogs, such as Strawberry, who should not be overlooked and deserve a second chance.

Labelle claims that recognizing the unique distinctions in dogs is a beautiful gift, as it makes them more special instead of undesirable.

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