Saving a One-Legged Pooch: The Fight Against Discrimination of Pit Bulls


A group of little pups was discovered in the jungle, all alone and without a mother. How they ended up there was a mystery. Fortunately, Friends to the Forlorn Pit Bull Rescue decided to step in, as the Henry County Animal Care and Control did not permit the adoption of dogs presumed to be pit bulls.

These adorable puppies had been sent to a shelter in Georgia, facing the grim possibility of being euthanized. The shelter had a strict policy of only keeping pit bulls for three days before considering euthanasia. Thankfully, Henry County Animal Care and Control reached out to Friends of the Forlorn Pit Bull Rescue, offering the puppies a chance at life.

Upon their arrival, Jason Flatt, the head of the rescue organization, warmly welcomed Krissy, Nugget, and Sunshine. The trio of puppies was quickly placed in temporary homes to receive the care they needed. However, one question remained unanswered: what had caused Sunshine to have only one front paw?

It was uncertain whether the deformity was present from birth or a result of mistreatment. Nevertheless, Sunshine was determined to walk on her affected paw despite the challenge. To help her, they took her to see a veterinarian who recommended a prosthetic paw. In the meantime, she would use a flexible leg splint.

Sunny had little trouble adapting to her leg brace, and they even created artificial limbs in four different sizes to accommodate her growth stages. The cause of Sunny’s paw injury remained unknown, but she appeared content and was thriving in her new environment!

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