Senior Dog Rescued From Shelter Makes Incredible Transformation


Bear, a 16-year-old German Shepherd mix, was suffering from dermatitis when he was rescued from BARC Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas and taken in by an experienced foster parent. Renamed Norman, he slowly regained his health with love and attention. “Norman is nearly deaf, so he didn’t really know that I changed his name,” Norman’s new mom noted.

Bear’s Kennel Card at BARC

Norman’s mom fosters dogs from the shelter in North Houston and wrote, “They [the shelter] know my weakness is the senior dogs. The least I can do is give these abandon guys a soft place to sleep, food and TLC. In return they give me a new appreciation and meaning in life.”

Norman Bear’s transformation was captured on camera from his time at the shelter until he recovered.

Day 1 Freedom Ride

First day – Napping already

First week

Normie’s favorite spot.

Finally! New coat and fur!

“Fostering for a shelter is very tough, but I try and look at the positive and know that I am doing all I can,” she adds. In the case of Norman, she says, “Norman has taught me a lot…I hope everyone can experience a senior dog’s love.” She told DogHeirs, “I love my Norman/Bear”.

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Photos published on with permission from Norman’s mom.


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