She Hid Against The Wall, Only Daring To Look At Everything From Afar, Wishing To Be Loved Once.


Meet Moon! Her entire body is covered in ticks and fleas. Moon, who is only two months old, is another victim of maltreatment and neglect. She spent days walking the streets in terror.

She wants to be cuddled and loved, but no one can assist her. The baby roams everywhere, and the landfill is her safest haven. She was out looking for food late at night. Moon was in pain and cried a lot because all four of her feet were swollen.

Most likely, she will require a blood transfusion. The Moon will rest comfortably and painlessly today in a warm and hygienic environment. Due to severe dehydration and anemia, the health situation is very serious. The fact that Moon tested negative for cino and parvo is already very encouraging.

Day 4: She has remained mentally stable so far, and we anticipate that she will endure the duration of the transfusion. Day 10: Moon has improved, but she will continue to receive treatment at the veterinarian. Day 19: Moon is now free to leave the animal hospital. This angel is blessed.

We’re so thankful to the amazing veterinarians and all kind people that brought this adorable puppy to a wonderful life.

Sending prayers for continued healing and prayers for Moon to be adopted by a loving family 🙏


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