Shelter goes to save abandoned mom dog but feisty puppies refuse to go


When the: Stray Rescue of St. Louis came across a mama dog and her two puppies, they were lurking outside an abandoned house.

The neighbors filled the rescue team in on what’s been going on.

“Yeah! They moved away and just left them! They’ve been running in the streets,” a neighbor yelled to them.

The homeowners moved and abandoned their poor dog, who ended up getting pregnant and having puppies.

The mama, who they named Pumpkin Patch, was used to humans.

So, she didn’t hesitate and went right with the rescuers knowing that they would care for her and her babies.

“This is one of the sweetest mamas we’ve ever met,” the rescue wrote in a caption of the video of their rescue. “However, one of the grumpiest little puppies we’ve ever met (poor baby was just scared).”

But her puppies, later named after local farms Eckert’s and Stuckmeyer, weren’t as trusting.

While one of the puppies went along willingly, the other did not. It ran off and hid under a broken driveway.

One of the rescuers tried to pull it out of the hole and was successful, but that thing was scrappy. The poor rescuer kept saying, “Ow!”

She told the puppy not to bite as she lay on the floor and felt around for the puppy with her arm placed into the hole. It kept nipping at her and slipped through her grip like a hot potato until he ran back into his hole.

This time, the rescuer put on some gloves and felt around for the puppy, who kept biting her with his “little razor” teethies.

This time she distracted him with a stick so the dog would bite the stick while she tried to pull them out.

She was successful this time but he wasn’t giving up the fight. He still squirmed around and tried to get away.

The person recording the video had to use a piece of plastic to cover the hole so the puppy didn’t run back in.

They were eventually able to get the puppy on a leash. The poor pup was teary-eyed but was soon safely in the car with his mother and sibling.

The family was split up. The puppies were taken to a foster home, while their mother would be spayed so she couldn’t have any more babies.

The last post on the rescue’s page shows that they were still looking for a foster for the mom.

“All are safe now. We have a foster home on-deck to take her puppies home to socialize them. Who can come foster this gorgeous, amazing, perfect mama?? Her puppies are plenty old to eat regular food, so she will wean them and now it’s her turn! Who can shower her with tons of love and accept all of her affection?” the video’s caption read.

Healthy Paws advises that you should immediately contact animal control or shelter if you see a stray mom and her puppies.

Check out this mama’s rescue in the video below:

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