Smarter Smart For Two Cars?

The Smart car made by Daimler-Benz gets its name from Swatch-Mercedes-Art and has been with us for quite a while now and many of us are quite familiar with seeing them on our roads, but how many of us have seen a Smart car that resembles something else?
A Six Wheeler pickup perhaps or even a Mustang Eleanor…well now you can, the Smart cars as featured below have all been modified with body kits.

Of course, it’s only the outside that takes on the new look, all the original Smart car running gear and equipment is still the same. Sometimes however, owners of these cars do in fact try to adapt as many original car parts onto it as they can…it’s only a question of money.

Love Eleanor in Gone in Sixty Seconds? Priced what a replica Eleanor would cost? Way above my budget. How about this: a Smart Car with an Eleanor body kit? Of course, you’d have to rename the movie Gone in Sixty Minutes.

Sascha Gerstmayer, a tuner in Germany and a fan of trucks decided that the Smart ForTwo would make a good base for a three axle pickup, whatever might have given him that idea. Named ForCargo, construction took 2000 hours and cost about $75,000. Load capacity is 550 pounds and is fully street legal in Germany.

Check out this Smart Monster truck! I think a good name for this vehicle should beLittle Foot  in honor of Bob Chandlers original monster truck Big Foot. The tires are mounted to  26 inch rims and provide an overall  a diameter of 55 inches! The tall tires help deliver ground clearance of 25 inches and an overall vehicle height of 12 feet.

Yes, but are Smart cars safe? They are very small cars after all and as of consequence don’t appear to offer much safety for the occupants in a road traffic collision.  Surely the whole car would just disintegrate or at least crumple up into a little tiny mass of mangled steel and plastic with the occupants still inside! …well lets smash one up and see…

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