SOLD! Barn Finds Ferrari 275 GTB Alloy and 427 Cobra Cross the Block

For 30 years, the world’s most valuable rodent real estate was in a garage in North Carolina.

A few months ago we wrote an article when Tom Cotter discovered a genuine 427 Cobra and a long-nose, alloy-bodied Ferrari 275 GTB. It’s time for the final chapter in this story.

One of only 80 long-nose alloy cars, the Ferrari was parked in a North Carolina garage back in 1991 after the owner’s trusted mechanic passed away, and its sat and gathered dust for the next 27 years.

The other big car to come out of the same North Carolina garage in the recent was this Cobra, one of just 260 Cobra 427 street cars. Its life for the past three decades was just like the Ferrari’s, meaning it was another discovered million-dollar-plus gem.

Along with the Cobra and Ferrari, the garage had also housed a V-8-powered Morgan and a Triumph TR6 only 9000 miles from new. The owner has decided to keep the Morgan and the Triumph, but the Cobra and Ferrari was sold at the Gooding & Company’s Amelia Island auction.

Like Cinderella, the long-nose GTB was the belle of the ball; attendees could not get enough of the dusty, musty Ferrari and its sensational story. The dust has been left on for effect, since the buried-treasure mystique of barn find cars tends to get bidders excited.
It’s almost certain that under new ownership, the cars will be cleaned, recommissioned and become part of a collection. After sitting for so many years, both cars deserve some fresh air and a few miles added to their odometers.

In this Barn Find Hunter video, Tom heads to Florida to attend Gooding & Company’s Amelia Island auction in hopes of witnessing the two rare cars go for big money.

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