Stubborn Buck spent 10 hours fighting wild dogs and hippos, but it only took 3 seconds to die in the crocodile’s mouth.hongvien

The battles for survival in the wild world always happen regularly and the animals have to constantly fight with dangers. Sometimes danger will come rushing and kill the animals.

A Buck went through a painful battle when he had to fight continuously for many hours with many enemies only to receive an unexpected death.

Buck ran away from stray dogs and approached a lake, his wounds bleeding causing him to begin to feel pain. But a hippopotamus appeared and wanted to steal the wild dog’s meal.

Buck became brave and tried to teach the hippo a lesson, the hippo was scared by Buck’s bravery and had to run away.

The fight is now between Buck and the wild dog, but an evil predator suddenly appears. A crocodile suddenly attacked from behind, making Buck unable to run away.

Buck died unexpectedly while trying to fight stray dogs.

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