Summer Is The Best Time For Practice – How To Put On Tire Chains… In A Bikini

Snow chains, or tire chains, are devices that are fitted to the tires of your vehicle to provide the maximum amount of traction possible when driving through snow and ice or slush.

Snow chains attach to the drive wheels of a vehicle or special systems deploy chains which swing under the tires automatically. Although they are  named after your standard steel chain, snow chains are actually made of other materials and in a multitude of patterns and strengths.

Chains are usually sold in pairs and must be purchased to match each individual vehicles tire size (tire diameter and tread width). Driving with chains will reduce fuel efficiency, and can reduce the speed the automobile will operate safely on to about  30 mph, but the increase in traction and braking will offset the inconvenience.

Ever wondered how to put on snow chains correctly? It can be a tricky thing to do when you’re stuck in the snow on a road with 50 cars behind you, waiting to get past. But how should you do it? Lay them on the ground and then drive forward? Will they be secure enough?
Well…let this scantily clad lady teach you the way to do it. At Bear Mountain they apply tire chains on the “Wet and dirty way”.  Put the snow chains on that is.
Oh and she’s in a bikini, not that any of you noticed. I like!

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