Sympathetic couple: Choosing to rescue a helpless poor dog found tied up in a sack on an abandoned street with eyes filled with anguish and despair

Wade Shapp was riding home from church with his wife on Sunday when they spotted something that саᴜɡһt his attention.

“We were once again traveling on a country road, making our way back home. As I was riding, I happened to notice a dog’s head popping up,” shared Shapp, a resident of Princeton, Texas, with The Dodo. “It’s not uncommon to see ranch animals roaming freely in the countryside. However, I realized that this dog wasn’t moving, and it appeared to be inside a bag. That just didn’t make sense.”

A dog was found tied up in a feed sack on Shapp and Mandi’s lawn. Knowing their love for dogs, they immediately sprang into action. They quickly got out of their car and approached the dog. Shapp observed, “It was obvious that someone intentionally tied him up in the feed sack. They had tied a rope around the bottom, preventing him from moving.”

The couple’s initial action involved freeing the dog from the sack. “We didn’t have any tools to cut him out of the bag, so we had to use our car key,” Shapp explained. Additionally, they carefully wrapped him in a fleece and placed him inside their car.

Bubba, the newly named dog, appeared grateful for being saved, but he was also quite frightened. “He was definitely spooked, trembling and restless, possibly for the first four or five hours we had him,” Shapp explained.

Shapp is uncertain about the exact duration of time BuƄƄa spent inside the feed sack, but he believes it was around 24 hours. Shapp explained, “He emitted a strong odor, as he had urinated and had other substances all over him.”

The Shapps drove Bubba to their house once again. They provided him with food, made a comfortable bed for him, and bathed him. It was during Bubba’s bath that he finally began to calm down. “I felt like that was a significant trust issue,” Shapp explained. “I suppose he’s aware that we saved him.”

He was taken to the vet the following day. Despite usually being healthy, they were surprised to discover that Bubba had a projectile crack on the inside of his upper leg.

“I can’t comprehend how I overlooked it, considering it’s usually very obvious,” Shapp explained. “There was no blood in the bag, but I believe the attention definitely harmed him, trying to harm him, and that failed, so they simply put him in the bag and threw him away.”

Dallas DogRRR, a one-of-a-kind dog delivery team, is also assisting Bubba in finding his forever home. However, the Shapps are in no hurry to let go of him – they will provide foster care until he is fully recovered.

BuƄƄa has formed a wonderful bond with the Shapps’ other two pets, IsaƄella and Dixie. “BuƄƄa is truly a part of our family,” Shapp expressed. “They all get along really well.”

But it is likely Shapp whom Bubba has formed the strongest bond with. Every day, Shapp brings Bubba to work with him, and Bubba follows Shapp everywhere. “Wherever I am, he goes, wobbling around on his little legs,” Shapp discussed.

BuƄƄa, IsaƄella, and Dixie Shapp are all gathered together on the kitchen Ƅottoм. IsaƄella and Dixie are amazed by BuƄƄa’s adaptability, and they don’t think there will Ƅe any proƄlems when they have to change homes.

“He’s quite a resilient individual, having to endure every single thing that he experienced. It’s truly admirable to me that he can place his complete trust in someone else, despite all the hardships he’s faced,” Shapp stated.

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