Tears Flow From His Eyes As He Can’t Understand Why Family Left Him In Shelter : Video

Blue King (or Blue) the Pit Bull was overjoyed to be adopted by a family.

He cherished them and did all in his power to ensure their happiness. The family made the casual decision to “Leave” when they had to move to a new home. They never came back, leaving him in a animals shelter.

Blue felt uneasy in the shelter, but he was confident that his family would return for him. But as the harsh reality dawned on him, he was distraught. He continued overthinking, certain that his folks had abandoned him because he wasn’t a “nice boy.” Workers soon discovered him weeping in the kennel, tears flowing down his cheeks.

The shelter attempted to cheer Blue up by providing him with his favorite dish. When the employees touched him, he stopped wagging his tail and turned away. He prayed nonstop for his family to return. When the shelter learned of his grave position, they publicized his tale on social media and implored others to aid him.

Jennifer McKay, fell in love with Blue! She stepped up to adopt him and worked hard to help him heal. Today, Blue is a happy dog who no longer has to question the permanence of his mother’s love! This precious kid will never have to cry again!

Watch Blue King’s devastating sobbing when he discovers he’s been abandoned in the video below.

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