Terrified rescue of three abandoned dogs, starving and skinny, with only skin and bones, shedding tears of happiness when rescued.ThuHa

I was shocked to see three dogs in desperate need of rescue, not just one. All three of them were so emaciated that their skeletons were exposed, and they couldn’t move their hind legs. I was heartbroken to see their suffering, but I knew that I had to help.

As soon as the dogs saw me, they burst into happiness because they knew that I would be their lifesaver. I opened my arms, and they eagerly ran towards me, ready to start their new lives. It was clear that they needed a lot of care and attention, but I was determined to help them in any way that I could.

The three dogs were suffering from cinimosis and anemia, which was causing them daily struggles and significant expenses. The two younger siblings had been deprived of the necessary calcium since birth, causing them to have difficulty standing and moving their hind legs. The older sister was getting better, but she still needed physical therapy to regain full mobility.

Despite the challenges, the dogs responded well to the treatment and were eating well. They underwent tests to determine the progress of their anemia, and doctors worked hard to reverse this condition through blood transfusion and serum injection.

We fought together, celebrating each step forward as a victory. Although the rapid test was negative for distemper, we knew that a more in-depth test would be necessary to ensure accuracy. The dogs were no longer transmitting the disease, but they were carriers and in a nervous state.

To help their recovery, we provided the two younger siblings with subcutaneous serum to increase water retention and took them out to sunbathe for better absorption. We also began acupuncture sessions to help activate their muscles and restore mobility. The oldest sister was officially discharged from the vet and taken to her new home by an adoptive mother.

The two younger siblings were also making significant progress, gaining weight and showing increased intelligence. Once they were in better health, they would be sterilized, dewormed, and vaccinated. We continued to fight for their full recovery and needed all the help we could get.

These dogs deserved a new lease on life, surrounded by love and care. I was grateful for the opportunity to help them and witness their incredible resilience. Let’s continue to support these two little girls because they need us so much. Together, we can make a difference and give them the life they deserve.

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