Terrified with the image of a poor dog stuck in the middle of its head with a disfigured face, helplessly begging for help in vain and helpless

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One summer day, a dog named Max was walking on the small street in front of his house. While playing around, the dog got trapped in a large piece of wood in front of the house.

Max’s head was stuck in the wood, and he couldn’t move. The dog was in pain and afraid, and begged for help in vain.

People passing by just stood and watched Max, but no one dared to approach and rescue him. Max felt helpless and desperate, not knowing what to do to get out of this dire situation.

After a long time, a girl named Lily passed by and heard Max’s cries for help. She approached Max and began to make efforts to rescue him.

Lily tried everything to free Max, but was unsuccessful. She hurried to find help from others, and finally found a group of volunteers to come and rescue Max.

After many hours of effort, the volunteer group finally freed Max. The dog was taken to a veterinary hospital for care and treatment.

Although Max was rescued, he still felt scared and uneasy after this terrifying incident. The moments of pain and helplessness left a mark in his mind. However, thanks to the courage and love of Lily and the volunteer group, Max recovered and became a happy and loving dog.

The story of Max and the people who rescued him is a reminder that we can do many things to help others and animals. Let’s always remember that we have a responsibility to protect and care for weaker creatures than ourselves, and that is also a way for us to make this world a better place.

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