The adorable reaction when disabled owners take their first steps in years with a service dog by their side is heartwarming

Cienna Ditri was taking a stroll once more, and her trusty service dog, Piper, appeared to be in awe of the sight.

Full of enthusiasm, the wirehaired vizsla who is only five years old is captured in a video clip as he gradually approaches a driveway along with his owner who is now able to walk on her own two feet after a long time, although she still requires crutches.

On a bright summer day, Ditri made her way towards the house at a slow pace. Despite not being very agile, she kept walking. The way her beloved dog reacted to this sight was simply too cute and will surely brighten up anyone’s day.

With joy in his heart, Piper eagerly trails alongside his owner Cienna Ditri, 28, as she takes her first steps after years. Thanks to this newfound ability, the duo can now relive their old adventures of surfing and strolling together in the scenic locales of northern Michigan.

In the past, she and her furry companion Piper cherished going on outdoor adventures such as hiking in northern Michigan and riding the waves with boogie boards. As time passed and she lost her ability to move about freely, Piper stayed by her side with unwavering loyalty and affection. Ditri raved about Piper’s endearing personality, sharing that whenever she wasn’t feeling well, Piper would happily snuggle with her all day long. On the other hand, when she was up for some exploring, Piper was always game to join in on the fun and appreciate the small fleeting moments that make life so enchanting.

Cienna Ditri and her beloved service dog, Piper, capture playful moments of themselves on their Instagram account called “chronicallypersevering”. In one photo, the two best friends strike a pose together. Another snap features them goofing around while taking selfies. Piper, being mischievous, steals a chip from Ditri’s hand, resulting in a hilarious moment caught on camera.

They had a two-week gap in between treatments, and during that time, they were eagerly waiting for any signs of progress. The question on everyone’s mind was whether the treatment would be successful and if she would regain her ability to walk. Ditri fondly reminisced about the moment she took her first steps in California, feeling overwhelmed with joy and excitement. Piper, who had been a constant source of support and encouragement, was ecstatic to witness the milestone moment. When Ditri’s knees buckled under her weight during the celebratory moment next to Piper on his 5th birthday, he seemed to understand the significance of the event, and was undoubtedly looking forward to many more special moments with his beloved owner.

The relationship between Ditri and her service dog, Piper, is incredibly strong. Over the years, Piper has saved Ditri’s life countless times by performing various tasks such as picking up dropped items, closing doors and drawers, pressing accessible door buttons, and getting help when needed. Additionally, Piper has been trained to retrieve Ditri’s medicine and alert her before she experiences an allergic reaction, periodic paralysis attack, or stops breathing due to low blood sugar levels. According to Ditri, Piper seems to be able to anticipate her needs before she even realizes them herself. The two share an unbreakable bond, and Piper is more than just a service animal to Ditri – she is her very best friend.

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