The baby urges them to follow and rests her face on theirs, hoping for help for her sick sister.

These valuable infants were abandoned in a dreadful and frightening location solely because of their illness. Their owner preferred that they perish on their own rather than seek treatment for them. Despite being so young, they were forced to fend for themselves. They were also discarded in an agricultural waterway with no means of escape. Each time they heard noises approaching, they believed it was their owner coming back for them. They would become elated and hopeful, only to be let down repeatedly. It is a truly awful existence.

The only thing that provided assistance was their mutual support. They would comfort one another through hugs and kisses.

Eventually, news of the puppies reached someone’s ears. A kind-hearted gentleman expressed his desire to lend a hand. Despite residing in a destitute locality and having limited financial resources, he scaled the wall and provided them with sustenance. Subsequently, he contacted an animal rescue organization as he could not bear the expenses of taking them to the vet.

The eager rescuers arrived and quickly made their way over to the puppies. Upon closer inspection, they were saddened to see how young and ill the pups were. They managed to scoop up one of the puppies, but the other ran off. As they watched the remaining pup disappear into the distance, the rescuers couldn’t help but feel a sense of defeat. Suddenly, the puppy turned back and looked at them with pleading eyes, as if begging them to follow.

The small puppy guides the rescuers to her other sister who unfortunately did not survive due to starvation and extreme cold. Despite her passing, the remaining sister still tries to wake her up using her tiny paws.

As she nestled against her sister, placing her face on hers, it was a deeply touching moment to witness. They had to separate the puppy from the litter to rescue her and any other siblings in need. Regrettably, they arrived too late for the third puppy, leaving them feeling sorrowful.

It’s time to take them to the comfortable medical facility and provide them with the necessary assistance. Initially, their health will be examined for any ailments.

The presence of Demodex mange is revealed through the skin scrapes, but fortunately, it can be treated. The veterinarian deems their abandonment as particularly cruel, as the disease is easily treatable. Why not do the right thing and take them to a sanctuary? We may never comprehend.

The puppies have undergone extensive treatment and resided in a foster home for several months, but now they are thriving and content! They were taken in by a compassionate family who made sure to keep the siblings together. Given all they had been through, it was imperative that they not be separated!

Their desertion and cruel owner horrified us, but we are grateful that they were saved. Although they were too late to save their other sister, we must focus on the positive. Two lives were spared and they are currently thriving. See their story below! And remember to spread the word that this type of abandonment will not be tolerated.


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