The brave act of the good guys who did not hesitate to plunge into the pit to save the poor dog is an admirable and appreciated act

Razor, a courageous Dachshund, performed a heroic rescue of Jazzy, a St. Bernard who had become trapped in a cold, muddy ditch for approximately 18 long hours. The ordeal began when Jazzy escaped from Tim Chavez’s home in New Mexico on a Sunday afternoon.


Razor sensed that something was amiss and tried to alert Chavez on Monday morning as Chavez was preparing for work. Chavez, the dog owner, later admitted to KRQE News 13 that he didn’t initially grasp the urgency of Razor’s attempts to communicate.
However, Razor was determined not to let his friend down and persistently sought help. He even barked at a neighbor, but it wasn’t until a passerby noticed Razor’s frantic barking and decided to follow him that Jazzy’s dire situation was discovered.


Chavez recounted the events, saying, “Razor took off through the field, along the irrigation ditch, and showed up here.” At the scene where Jazzy was trapped, Chavez explained, “This is the spot Jazzy was actually stuck in, she was stuck here at least two feet deep in the mud.”
Swiftly, they called for assistance, and eight members of the Belen Fire & Rescue team arrived to rescue the large dog. Using backboard straps and a long spine board, they managed to safely extricate Jazzy from the ditch.


This heartwarming story serves as a powerful reminder of the incredible acts of compassion and bravery that animals are capable of, regardless of their size or species. It underscores the remarkable connections that can form between different creatures and the potential for extraordinary acts of heroism and kindness within the animal kingdom.

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