The Computer Of The Tearful Dog After Being Away From The Stolen Dog For 2 Years.

The Computer Of The Tearful Dog After Being Away From The Stolen Dog For 2 Years.

The sight of her dog, who had been stolen two years prior, starving and in distress, brought tears to the mother’s eyes.

What a lovely encounter!

The thin dog had a bony appearance and was afflicted with mange.

A blue-eyed dog, neglected and unkempt, was rescued in June 2020 by an animal shelter in Ukraine after being found living on the streets.

This is how it goes: A shelter shared a photo of a homeless dog on [Twitter] in hopes of finding him a permanent home.

When the popularity of the photo of the stray dog began to rise, a woman called in with suspicions that the dog may be her missing pet who was taken from her backyard two years prior.


She asserted that her current dog bore an uncanny resemblance to her previous one.

The woman was invited by the shelter to visit the dog and observe its response upon her approach.

A touching video of the reunion was captured by the shelter.

The woman was overwhelmed with sadness when her dog was stolen, but she never gave up hope of seeing him again. Finally, one day she received the call she had been eagerly anticipating.



Upon the woman’s arrival at the shelter, the dog initially appeared startled, but eventually, he detected the familiar scent and loving countenance of his mother.

As soon as he leaped up and embraced the woman, tears streamed down her face, indicating that he was indeed Lord!

Everyone who attended the reunion couldn’t help but shed tears of joy. It was truly a special gathering, and we’re grateful for the shelter that made it all possible.


The shelter expressed gratitude to all those who shared their post and aided in reuniting Lord and his mother.

It’s heartening to see them reunited. Undoubtedly, both of them must be experiencing a great sense of relief. Wishing them many more years of togetherness.

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