The crocodile failed miserably against the antelope and painfully witnessed the antelope being stolen by a wild dog.hongvien

Crocodiles have always been a fearsome animal in the water and make for the scariest hunts in the wild.

But sometimes crocodiles also have to accept painful defeats and watch other animals take their prey.

A rare moment was captured, a large antelope was hunted by wild dogs and hid under a waterhole. But the antelope quickly got into a fight with the crocodile.

The crocodile was too small for a dangerous attack, the crocodile tried to bite the antelope’s leg and drown the antelope in the water. But the crocodile needed more strength to do it and then it failed to the antelope.

The antelope is afraid that bigger crocodiles will appear and it tries to find a way to run away. But the stray dogs didn’t give him a chance to escape.

The antelope was quickly captured and eaten. The crocodile returns to the waterhole and regrets the lost meal.


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