The dog cuddles up to the rescuer who saved him from euthanasia.


Fortunately, angels still remain among us, constantly trying to protect animals. Joe Kirk, the owner of an animal rescue group, is one of these rescues. When a shelter learned Gregory had a major but curable health problem, Joe stepped in to save his life.
Gregory is a 2-year-old beagle that was rescued from Columbus’ Franklin County Dog Shelter. Gregory appeared to be a healthy dog since he was active and cheerful, but shelter officials discovered he had heartworms.

Heartworms are serious parasites spread to dogs by mosquito bites. They can, however, be treated with the help of a veterinarian. If the dog is not treated, it will become more unwell, perhaps resulting in organ damage and serious sickness. Gregory was in a bad circumstance, and the shelter had to make some tough choices.
Unfortunately, the shelter determined that Gregory’s best option was death, but fortunately for Gregory, Joe Kirk discovered about the dog and chose to attempt to save his life. He drove over to Gregory’s refuge and met him. He then volunteered to take the dog home and care for it.

Joe and Gregory instantly fell in love. They hit it off right immediately. Joe chose not to box Gregory and instead let him ride in the backseat of his automobile. In an interview with Today, he said, “It seemed like we’d known one other for years.” Gregory was overjoyed to have been rescued, and as they were stopped at a light on their way home, Joe snapped some photos of the cute dog to show his wife. Joe had the adorable beagle snuggling up to him, with his head on one shoulder and a paw on his arm in the other.

These images of the grateful dog have piqued the interest of the internet. The dog was quite aware that he was being helped and thanked his new companion for taking him home. Gregory thanks Joe from the bottom of his heart for saving his life.


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