The dog risked his life to play with the hedgehog and get a painful battle.hongvien

Dogs are adorable pets, but a dog with hedgehogs on its head and face is a funny image.

A dog who decided to play with a hedgehog in a puddle of mud and adorned with porcupine feathers has been recorded and spread on social media.

The dog is the one who actively attacks the hedgehog and the results are very funny, most of the results of dogs when doing this foolish thing are the same.

The hedgehog stood in the mud and almost no longer wanted to defend, but stood on two legs to fight the dog.

The dog has porcupine feathers on it and is no longer able to attack as strongly as before.

Although porcupine hair is quite mildly toxic and does not affect the dog’s life, the dog has received a lesson for life with the pain of porcupine spines.

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