The Dog That Was Deemed The Ugliest And Loneliest And Had Been Overlooked For Five Years, Has Finally Found A Home.

The Dog That Was Deemed The Ugliest And Loneliest And Had Been Overlooked For Five Years, Has Finally Found A Home.

Albie, a lurcher, has been residing in an RSPCA animal shelter for almost five years. He was categorized as Britain’s most isolated dog until recently. The RSPCA inspectors saved him during their investigation and looked after him as the case proceeded. In 2017, right before Christmas, Albie was rescued.

Despite the efforts of the Southridge Animal Centre team in Hertfordshire to find Albie the perfect home, the Covid pandemic hit just as he became available for adoption. Albie was rescued by the RSPCA’s Special Operations Unit from Wales, where he had been subjected to hunting and wildlife crimes.

The manager, Anna White, stated that Albie had unfortunately fallen victim to Covid and had become available for adoption shortly before the country went into lockdown. As a result, they were forced to comply with regulations and close their doors to the public.

Meeting him in person, anyone would inevitably fall in love with this sweet puppy. Unfortunately, due to the necessity of using online pet classifieds, he often went unnoticed and received minimal interest.

Despite her initial reservations, West Londoner Grace Ho ultimately decided to support him after reviewing his online profile. Grace had been considering volunteering or finding a new home for a smaller dog, like a Staffie or a spaniel, following the loss of her own dog in April. Nevertheless, she was open to giving a dog like Albie a chance.

My heart was shattered upon realizing that nobody showed any interest in him after checking his profile. It seems that most people perceived him as a frightening canine and did not offer him a chance due to his scars and the loss of part of his nose.

I visited the center and requested to meet him, proposing to take walks together to gauge our compatibility. Over a period of around two months, we went on walks and I familiarized myself with his quirks and behavior towards other dogs. Eventually, I became comfortable addressing these issues.

Albie is an incredibly stunning individual who often wears a smile and possesses admirable qualities. Despite the daunting tasks ahead, I am confident in my ability to handle them, and Albie has already taken some steps forward.

Grace shared that Albie, who relocated with her in September, is thriving. He enjoys eating, snuggling on the sofa, and taking walks. Grace is unfazed by the fact that he wears a muzzle and has a reaction to other dogs while walking.

I’m putting in a lot of effort to make him less sensitive, and he has already become friends with two greyhounds whom he enjoys walking with. During the week, we stroll in a peaceful park close to our home. On weekends, we visit larger parks where we’re certain to encounter other dogs.

At home, he behaves like an exemplary boy, making minimal demands and content with a cozy bed and a satiated belly. To stay near me while I toil, he nimbly scales the sofa and rests his head behind my back.

Anna and the rest of the Southridge staff are overjoyed that Albie has finally found his forever home, despite a challenging upbringing and extended stays in kennels. According to Anna, this serves as proof that every dog has the potential to be adopted.

In an effort to promote the adoption of rescue animals, the RSPCA has launched its Adoptober rehoming campaign, encouraging the public to follow in the footsteps of Albie and consider adopting a furry friend.

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