The dog warms stray kittens, teaches courage and encourages them to overcome shyness, inspires courage, and unleashes the power of friendship.NgocChau

Frightened kittens were afraid of people, not falling into their hands. Still, they managed to catch them and take them to the municipal shelter.

Taking pity on the tiny animals, the overexposed volunteer Asa decided to help them. Her 7-year-old dog Kona, that had previously raised a batch of kittens, now left for new families, was very bored.

First came the beautiful tortoiseshell cat, Blair, that acted restlessly. However, Kona was an experienced teacher, knowing exactly what the baby needed.

The dog reached for the carrier with its paws, wanting to meet the little beauty. Then she washed her and hugged her.

Blair began to purr sweetly, even trying to drink dog milk, like her mother. The next day, Chester, Blair’s brother, was brought in.

The red-haired kitty had problems with socialization. The cat was afraid to get out of the carrier.

But even then Kona helped out when she climbed up to him and hugged the animal.

Lying down side by side, the dog seemed to have assured Chester that he was safe.

Kona helped her wards to liberate themselves.

The cats were so brave that they even began to approach their adoptive mother for a treat.

The dog, standing side by side, encouraged them. Kona takes pride in seeing her adopted children happy and continues to show her love for them.

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