The dog was born with a front paw deformity and an upside down front limb, the vet reversed the dog.ThaiNga

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This dog was born with an abnormality in its front feet. Its front feet turned upside down. Although it seems to be used to it, volunteers from animal protection organizations are heartbroken whenever they see it walking in such pain. Recently, a university veterinary school agreed to operate on a puppy. What will be the final result?

This story of giving dogs a new life was shared by the Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine (OSUCVM) team in Oklahoma, USA. ►The hairy boy has an IG, come and follow us!

This dog, born with abnormal front paws, is called Siggi, a petite mousetrap terrier. Was only 13 weeks old when brought to OSUCVM for treatment. After observation and evaluation by the veterinarians, they felt that the risk of surgery was high, but seeing that the dog was still young and in pain every time it walked around, it was believed that corrective surgery could be used to alleviate its pain.

Finally, the doctor operated on it on May 12 this year. How is Siggi doing now?

Originally, Siggi appeared in an animal rescue organization (Dallas Dog - Rescue.Rehab.Reform) in Dallas, Texas, USA, as an abandoned puppy.  (fb @DallasDogRRR)
When the volunteers of the rescue organization learned of Siggi
At that time, Siggi was less than 3 months old. Volunteers saw such a cute dog. Without surgery, it would suffer lifelong pain when walking.  (fb @DallasDogRRR)
Siggi is still young and surgery will give her a brighter future.  (fb @DallasDogRRR)

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