The dog was seriously injured, discovered in the middle of the city with a wound on its head, requiring immediate medical attention

The Story of Cooper, a Stray Dog’s Journey to Recovery

Cooper’s story started off on a somber note. The poor dog was found badly injured on his head in the center of the city, collapsed in the grass in front of a building. Luckily, a kind lady saw him and called for help. When we arrived, we realized that moving Cooper to the vet would not be easy, as he weighed 35 kilos and was unable to move on his own.

Despite the difficulties, we managed to secure Cooper onto a stretcher and get him to the vet. Once there, the vet discovered that Cooper had a big, rotten wound on his head that was oozing blood and pus. The area had to be cleaned thoroughly, which was no easy feat

After four days of hospitalization, we took Cooper under our care. He was still under antibiotics, but slowly began to feel better and happier. It was clear that food was important to Cooper, and we could tell that he was delighted to be getting enough to eat.

Cooper will remain with us as long as it takes for him to fully recover, and we would appreciate any help with his expenses. Despite the challenges that come with taking care of a stray dog, we are committed to making sure that Cooper receives the love and care he deserves. His journey to recovery is a testament to the resilience of animals, and we are honored to be a part of his story.

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