The dog was tortured to the point of collapsing and abandoned wandering on the roadside, earnestly calling for help with a serious injury fortunately being rescued in time

Claude, a dog who had endured extensive and prolonged abuse, was discovered wandering the streets of Chicago’s Side, in a distressed and bloodied state. A compassionate Lyft driver happened upon him and decided to check on his well-being. Claude exhibited a severe limp, bore numerous bite wounds, and had his entire back shorn. With utmost caution, the driver cautiously approached him and gently made contact.

After receiving his calm response, she tenderly lifted him and transported him to her vehicle. She decided to cancel her remaining plans for the evening and instead brought him home to tend to his injuries and dress his wounds. The following day, she tirelessly contacted rescue organizations and veterinary clinics, but due to it being a holiday weekend, she was unable to reach anyone until Tuesday.

Although she had offered to care for Claude while he recovered, she encountered difficulties in finding a shelter that would accept him without resorting to humane euthanasia. Overwhelmed with despair, she burst into tears during a phone conversation, prompting one shelter to provide antibiotics for Claude. However, this assistance proved insufficient as his head and face started swelling, and he lost his appetite.

Finally, with the help of a friend, we connected with Wright-Way Rescue and promptly welcomed him into our care. His body was marked with bite wounds, and he was enduring the distress of severe infection and dehydration. To address his injuries, he underwent surgery, undergoing more than fifty sutures, even within his mouth where his gums had been punctured. While he is gradually making progress, his state of health has not reached stability.

Claude is under constant observation by our veterinary team and is undergoing multiple daily treatments. Due to his lack of appetite, we are syringe feeding him. We are dedicated to providing Claude with the opportunity for a fresh start and are taking every possible measure to ensure his well-being. The good news is that Claude is thriving! Most importantly, he is content and enjoying life to the fullest. We sincerely appreciate all the love and support we have received. Today, Claude is a vibrant and energetic boy, filled with joy and eager to play at all times.

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