The heroic dog, not afraid of danger, rushed into the sea to save the little girl from the waves, making us truly emotional.ThuHa

A heartwarming incident was recorded on camera where a dog named Matyas tried to rescue a little girl who he believed was in danger of drowning. The event took place at a beach in Gouville-sur-Mer, France, where the child was enjoying herself in the water. Matyas grew worried when a small wave splashed onto her face and sprang into action. He cautiously clung onto her shirt and brought her closer to the shoreline, guaranteeing her safety before releasing her. Although the child was not in any real danger, Matyas’ protective behavior is truly touching.

A young girl was having a blast playing in the ocean at the beach, as seen in a video that has gone viral on social media. Despite concerns from Matyas about the potential danger of the waves, the girl seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself and laughed throughout the whole experience. The video, captured on August 3rd, has amassed over a million views and has been shared by many fans of dogs.

The loyal dog exerted all its strength to pull the little girl to a safe spot. (Picture credit: Jukin Media)

Matyas had a clear goal in mind – to keep the little girl safe and ensure she returned to the beach unharmed. People on social media were quick to commend the dog for his smartness and devotion, with one even dubbing him as the “ultimate babysitter.” However, not all were impressed, with a commenter suggesting that it might not be pleasurable to take Matyas along to the beach if he incessantly drags you out of the water. Online discussions have been sparked about the breed of dog Matyas could be, with possible contenders including Sarplaninac, Leonberger, Keeshond, or Newfoundland.

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