The homeless man with a warm heart is taking care of 30 poor stray dogs living in the vacant lot, making everyone extremely touched

You possess immense kindness and have a generous heart! The value of money should not be overestimated. While money may have its limitations, this individual’s love knows no bounds!

I am grateful for your support, your kind and caring heart towards all. It is important to note that empathy for others can be developed regardless of one’s circumstances, including poverty. Oleg, a wonderful individual, currently finds himself surrounded by 30 stray dogs.

It was discovered that three years ago, the man had rescued two dogs, but lacked the necessary resources to have them spayed and neutered. This eventually resulted in the current count of 30 dogs under his care. Despite the challenging living circumstances, Olеg strives to meet all the dogs’ needs to the best of his abilities.

Because of his incredible generosity, Love Furry Friends rescuers were inspired to support him by providing dog food and Oleg, ensuring a more secure life for him. Additionally, they assisted the family’s three children in finding stable housing.

While surveying the vicinity, they caught sight of a diverse array of dogs, spanning from puppies to fully grown adults, each with their designated havens. Some canines were concealed, while others roamed freely, engaging in playful activities. Astonishingly, they appeared unperturbed by the present circumstances, exuding an air of contentment. Among them, a particular gleeful little pup named Borya stood out. Oleg enlightened them that Borya did not hail from the same litter; rather, he stumbled upon and rescued the pup from an area adjacent to the road. Borya’s unwavering affection for Oleg was evident as he faithfully trailed him wherever he went.

Having met the majority of the puppies, they had to depart and made a commitment to return the following day with nourishment for both Oleg and the canines. Upon arrival, the dogs swiftly detected the scent of the food contained in the enormous bags! They eagerly dashed towards it, eagerly anticipating their turn to be fed. It was evident that these dogs had not encountered such a situation before. As the area was quite extensive, the rescuers had to distribute piles of kibble throughout, ensuring each dog was provided for. Additionally, they ensured the dogs had access to clean drinking water.

As we explored the vicinity, Oleg alerted us to the presence of puppies inhabiting the burrows. However, due to the perilous nature of their current living conditions, it was imperative to relocate them. Tragically, some puppies had already lost their lives as the holes would occasionally cave in, suffocating them under the weight of the sand.

Gradually, they successfully found permanent homes for the puppies. Borya, being the first, captured the hearts of many online. A man, deeply moved by Borya’s unwavering loyalty, reached out to offer him a forever home. This delightful news filled Oleg with joy as he bid farewell to Borya, wishing him the best of luck in his new family.

Furthermore, to control the population, the mother dogs undergo neutering procedures. It is worth mentioning that not all dogs are in optimal health as Tima suffered an injury from a fish and Julie has vision impairments. Thankfully, they receive timely medical care, and it won’t be long before they find a loving adopter!

Despite the belief of many that the dogs are a burden to Oleg, he consistently remains content with whatever lies ahead.

This individual possesses an immense amount of compassion and is undoubtedly a genuine hero for dogs. Gratitude is extended to this kind-hearted person for their selfless actions. Wishing you all the best ♡♡♡♡♡ It is important for people to take note of this exemplary display of love, kindness, and compassion, and learn from it.

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