The horrible image of the poor dog is afraid of his feeling that his later years will not be happy, making everyone emotional because it is so pitiful

Isumu, a dog who had never known love, was abandoned near a shelter, forced to survive alone by the roadside.

With a wide mark of blood encircling his neck, remnants of the shackles that had once bound him, and nails grown long causing him pain with each stride, he bore the visible signs of his past captivity. His entire frame bore the scars of rabies, while a distinct odor of putrefying flesh emanated from him.

In the midst of his immense suffering, Isumu’s eyes retained a glimmer of vitality, and within him remained the capacity to feel fear, humility, and hope. With a heartfelt prayer, he beseeched God for assistance, longing for someone to come and rescue him from his torment.

A volunteer discovered him at the shelter, and immediately took Isumu under their wing. At the shelter, he was provided with medical attention and a cozy bed to rest in. Isumu was thoroughly cleaned and treated for his wounds. He also received nourishing food and refreshing drinks, experiencing a sense of care and love that he hadn’t felt in quite some time.

On the tenth day, Isumu’s condition took a turn for the better. His injuries gradually healed, and his fur started regrowing. The unpleasant odor of decaying flesh was no longer present, and a glimmer of joy and satisfaction appeared in his eyes.

On the 80th day, a heartwarming moment unfolded at the shelter as a delightful family walked in, eager to adopt a dog. Their eyes met Isumu’s, and it was love at first sight.

His tough appearance concealed a deep sense of power and determination, and they could sense it. They were certain that he was the perfect dog for them. Isumu’s new family lovingly carried him home, where he was showered with affection and unwavering commitment.

No more did he have to endure silently or rely on the possibility of rescue. At last, he possessed a place to call home and a family who showered him with boundless love.

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