The horrifying story of a poor dog who was severely abandoned and mercilessly thrown over the fence of a shelter looks really horrible

In the dead of night, a severely neglected dog was heartlessly abandoned over the fence of the Tri-County Animal Rescue shelter in Boca Raton, Florida. The dog, named Parker, is now receiving the love and care she so desperately deserves after enduring years of neglect and suffering.
It was a dark and silent night when Parker arrived at the shelter, thrown over the fence and left beside the dumpster. A shelter staff member shared their initial impression of Parker on his Facebook page, describing her as a smelly, matted bundle of fur.
“As many of you saw on the news, when Parker was thrown over our fence near the dumpster in the middle of the night, our shelter was honored to save her,” they wrote. “Even though her hair was matted to her skin, her nails had grown so long they curled around her paws, and her wounds were infested with maggots, I’ll never forget the way she smelled.”
A dedicated team of veterinarians immediately sprang into action to save Parker’s life. Their efforts were nothing short of extraordinary, spending over two hours carefully shaving her, tending to her wounds, and addressing medical issues such as mammary tumors and eye problems.
“We told her that the worst was behind her, that she needed to be strong, and that we loved her,” they recounted. “Her eye wasn’t even fully formed, and her temperature was dropping. We assured her of our love and that better days were ahead.”
Parker’s condition was a stark reminder of the years of neglect and torment she had endured, leaving her rescuers uncertain about her chances of survival. However, Parker defied the odds, not just for one night, but for several consecutive nights, marking each day as a triumph over adversity. Miraculously, Parker even regained her appetite and started eating again.
The use of the term “blessing” in describing Parker’s arrival was explained in the rescue post. While some may question its use, it was meant to emphasize the fortunate turn of events that allowed Parker to find her way to the shelter where she could receive the care she so desperately needed.
According to the SPCA, Parker’s past involved confinement in a cage and use for breeding. An investigation is now underway to identify those responsible for abandoning Parker and to ensure the safety of any other dogs in similar situations, with collaboration from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.
Tri-County Animal Rescue remains optimistic about Parker’s recovery and is hopeful that she will be ready for adoption by September. Each step she takes, like walking on grass, represents a remarkable achievement considering her initial inability to walk at all.
To learn more about Parker’s journey to recovery, please watch the following video.

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