The hyena joins the party of 100 wild dogs and quickly becomes a dessert.hongvien

The hyenas deserve to be the most reckless animals, they can rush to steal the food of other species without thinking. As long as they were present, they would surely have to get a meal.

But this time the hyena did not measure itself. It rushes in and steals food from 100 wild dogs.

The wild dogs were enjoying a meal from a hunted impala when suddenly a robber appeared. The hyena showed up and took the rest of the food.

The wild dogs started getting angry and attacked the hyenas. The hyena is too small in the fight with 100 wild dogs. It quickly lost ground and had to defend.

The wild dogs were enjoying the rest of their meal and the others were teaching the hyena a lesson. Perhaps after the war this reckless hyena will also die.


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