The image of a man dedicated to removing each bug on the poor dog when attacked all over the body makes us shiver and panic

There was a man named Tom, he was an animal lover and always cared about the health of the animals around him. One day, he saw a dog being attacked by a swarm of fleas, the dog’s body was covered in wounds and fleas.

Tom couldn’t just stand by and ignore the poor dog. He carefully approached the dog and started removing each flea, gently and meticulously. The fleas resisted, but Tom didn’t give up, he continued to save the dog.

What’s even more touching is that the dog stood still throughout Tom’s healing process, as if it understood that he was being helped. After removing all the fleas, Tom took the dog to the veterinary hospital for treatment and care.

From then on, Tom became the dog’s companion and always took care of it in the following days. The dog gradually recovered and became healthier than ever. Tom saved the dog and felt very happy to see it living well.

This story shows us the love and care of humans for animals. Small actions, such as rescuing an attacked dog, can bring great happiness to both humans and animals.

Rhipicephalus sanguineus engorged ticks attached to the ear of a dog... |  Download Scientific Diagram

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