The image of a poor and thin dog abandoned in the park, suffering from terrible abuse for a long time, makes everyone feel heartbroken

The boy is left helpless in the park, unable to stand up, with people surrounding him who were poking him.

It is absolutely repulsive how any person can treat an animal in this manner. It is even more appalling to leave an innocent boy stranded in a park, unable to move, while surrounded by children who were tormenting him. Fortunately, someone found him and brought him to ACCT, where he was then transferred to PSPCA. Currently, he is receiving a blood transfusion and is in critical condition. Despite being too weak to stand, he mustered the strength to give kisses to those attempting to save his life. Please join us in welcoming Ryker, a name that symbolizes resilience and power.

Welcome back, Ryker. You are safe now. It’s unfortunate that instead of seeking help for her, kids were teasing her. Today’s kids, I tell you. This dog is such a good girl, and I’m so grateful that you can see how wonderful she is. Thank you, kind people, for the love and compassion you have for animals.

Fᴜll ѕtᴏry belᴏw!

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