The image of a poor dog being rescued with lubricating oil after falling into a black hole for many hours makes everyone heartbroken to see it suffer so much pain

Once upon a time, in a small town, there was a brave dog named Rock-Solid. Rock-Solid was known for his loyalty and courage, and everyone in the town loved him. However, one day, Rock-Solid’s life changed forever.

While out on a walk with his owner, Rock-Solid saw a squirrel and ran after it. However, he didn’t see the open manhole cover and fell into the hole. The hole was deep, and Rock-Solid was trapped. He tried to climb out, but the walls were too slippery.

Hours went by, and Rock-Solid was still trapped in the hole. He was cold, scared, and hungry. His owner had been searching for him and had finally found him in the hole. However, he didn’t know what to do.

The local fire department was called, and they arrived at the scene. The firefighters tried to pull Rock-Solid out of the hole, but he was too heavy. They decided to use cooking oil to lubricate the walls of the hole, hoping that it would help Rock-Solid to slide out.

The firefighters poured gallons of cooking oil into the hole, and Rock-Solid was finally able to slide out. He was covered in oil, but he was safe. The firefighters took him to the nearest veterinarian, where he was treated for his injuries and cleaned up.

Rock-Solid’s owner was overjoyed to see him safe and sound. He took him home, where he gave him a warm bath and a good meal. Rock-Solid was grateful to be back with his owner, and he showed his love and affection by wagging his tail and licking his face.

The story of Rock-Solid’s rescue spread throughout the town, and everyone was touched by the firefighters’ bravery and dedication to saving him. Rock-Solid became a hero in the town, and people would often come by to see him and give him treats.

From that day forward, Rock-Solid’s life changed for the better. He had a new appreciation for life and the people who loved him. He was no longer trapped and scared in the hole. Rock-Solid had found happiness and love, thanks to the brave firefighters who had rescued him.

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