The image of a thin mother dog with only skin and bones but still trying to protect her cubs makes us emotional and heartbroken

It was a heartbreaking situation when a lady called about a puppy in her neighbor’s house. When the rescuers arrived, they found that the owner had already left, leaving a mother and a puppy inside. They could hear their voices but couldn’t locate them. After searching the garden and the house, they had to break the door to get inside.

Amazingly, the puppy went outside when he saw the rescuers and was overjoyed to see humans again. He had terrible hair, but it was better than the picture the lady had shared. After a while, the mother also came out, and both were emaciated. It was unclear how they had survived, but they were both friendly and grateful for the food and attention.



The rescuers immediately took the mother and puppy to the vet, where they received treatment for their skin disease and emaciation. The mother was a great mother and was very smart. After 48 hours, they were allowed to leave the vet and were taken to their new home, which may not have been big but was filled with love.

After a week, the puppy’s skin had improved, and he had new hair. Regular vet check-ups confirmed that everything was on track. The mother had also gotten rid of her mange and had new hair. They were allowed to explore and play in their new home and were well on their way to gaining more weight.


Manu, the abandoned puppy, had come a long way in just one month. He had gone from being emaciated and neglected to living in a home filled with love and kindness. His story is a reminder of the importance of showing compassion and empathy towards animals and of the incredible resilience that they possess. We hope that Manu’s story inspires others to take action when they see an animal in need and to always show kindness towards our furry friends.


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