The image of dogs separated at the shelter finally reunited in a touching story that made many people unable to hold back their tears when witnessing this scene

Two inseparable canine friends were separated at a shelter, and months later, this heartwarming reunion occurred!

Abby Riley was found as a stray and brought into Adams County Pet Rescue, along with another dog. They were placed in separate kennels, and no one knew they were a bonded pair until Abby managed to slip out of her kennel and was discovered lying by her companion’s side.

However, her companion was quickly adopted because he was a sociable dog. Abby, on the other hand, needed additional training before she could find a forever home. Six months passed, and Abby eventually found an incredible forever family after her rehabilitation. Shortly after, Abby’s new family thought it would be wonderful if Abby could have a companion.

They reached out to Alycia and Rebecca of Animal House Television and asked for their assistance in finding a suitable canine friend. Alycia and Rebecca made calls and spoke to the shelter director at Adams County Pet Rescue, who informed them that the dog Abby had bonded with had been returned to the shelter.

It was destiny! These two were meant to be reunited! Alycia and Rebecca were thrilled by the news and took the necessary steps to prepare the German Cowgirl (Abby’s companion) for a reunion with Abby. They got him ready and drove him to meet Abby.

When the two dogs finally saw each other after being separated for so long, they were separated by a fence and leashes, as no one was sure how they would react. Watch the heartwarming reunion at 5:37 in the video and see what happens when Abby and her friend are reunited! It’s a true love story!

Alycia and Rebecca would like to encourage potential adopters to consider adopting bonded pairs of dogs. While it may not be common, stories like this one show that dogs not only form deep connections with people but also with each other.

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