The image of the poor dog was left bewildered in the middle of an empty street with the words: Unlucky dog ​​- help me! making anyone who looks at it can’t hold back tears

The abandoned puppy was accompanied by a message from its owner, who had deserted it. The desolate puppy lay near a rock, but its gaze remained fixed on the path’s end, knowing that its owner had departed and would never return to retrieve it.

A neighbor phoned Hope For Pets when she discovered the abandoned puppy there. She dared not approach since she was afraid of dogs. The puppy has been abandoned there since early morning.

The rescue squad interviewed several individuals residing in the vicinity, yet nobody possesses any knowledge about her. It is presumed that a stranger deserted her, cruelly chaining her to a stone in fear that she would follow them and find her way back to their residence. The puppy is in good health overall, but her physical condition emits a strong odor, indicating the necessity for a thorough cleansing.

Hundreds of people expressed their outrage and indignation after images of the abandoned puppy, accompanied by the phrase “Unlucky Puppy – Help Me!” were shared on social media, with the intention of obtaining information about her owner.

Dogs have always been faithful companions to humans, constantly by our side and defending us. They share in our daily joys and sorrows, so there is no reason to deem them as “Unlucky Dogs” and abandon them.

The behavior displayed is completely unacceptable and terrible! Hope For Pets is continuing their search for information regarding the untrustworthy owner.

If you know anything about her! Justice always needs to be done and we hope to discover the offender quickly. To bring them to justice before the law!

Please help her share her story!

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