The Internet Is Being Conquered By A Rescue Dog With Unique Features.

The Internet Is Being Conquered By A Rescue Dog With Unique Features.

We are thrilled to introduce a new addition to the online animal community, who is still in the process of winning hearts. Lucky, a 2-year-old Thai rescue dog, stands out with his distinctive appearance that often leaves people questioning whether he’s a Photoshopped creation. As the internet is known to adore animals, Lucky is a welcomed and unique member.

Lucky offers a fortunate opportunity with its two for one deal, and it’s hard to resist the charming pooch with a unique appearance that blends a Chihuahua mix with a James Bond antagonist.

Charice Fca Cha shared with Bored Panda that upon reading a Facebook post about Lucky needing a new home, she immediately contacted the owner to inquire about adopting the adorable dog. Despite being initially surprised by Lucky’s appearance, Charice felt a strong connection to him and believed he was the perfect addition to her family.

Charice, a 29-year-old, had no clue that the image of her charming mixed-breed dog, Lucky, which she shared on a Facebook group for dog owners, would receive more than 11,000 likes and 600 comments in less than three weeks since her adoption. Nevertheless, the adoration for Lucky is completely understandable.

With an arched eyebrow that gives off an air of judgement or intense contemplation, Lucky’s brown eyes are striking. His other eye, a pale blue, seems to have the ability to see right into your soul. Despite common assumptions, his impressive brow was not achieved through the use of a permanent marker.

Charice pointed out that some individuals fail to recognize that the dog’s eyebrows are authentic and presume that she utilized photo editing or a permanent marker to create them. She acknowledged that it may be challenging to conceive of a dog with a flawless eyebrow over a blue eye.

Despite his unique appearance, Lucky is a relatively healthy puppy. Many people wonder if he can see as a result of his rare condition, heterochromia. However, Charice reassures them that Lucky is not blind and has perfect vision.

Lucky is currently adapting to his new forever home and discovering how to both express and receive affection from individuals. His behavior may be attributed to his lack of exposure to other canines or individuals, as he tends to be mischievous, energetic, anxious, and occasionally aggressive.

Charice talked about her recent experiences, mentioning that her other dog Harry sometimes gets bitten by Lucky due to Lucky’s extreme loyalty towards Charice. To help Lucky improve his social skills, she plans on enrolling him in a school. Despite this behavior, Lucky is extremely affectionate, lively, intelligent, and follows Charice’s commands on occasion.

Due to the sudden global interest, Charice had no choice but to create social media profiles for Lucky, offering glimpses of his everyday experiences. We can unanimously acknowledge that Lucky possesses all the necessary attributes to thrive. The diverse range of situations that individuals have imagined for Lucky’s distinctive appearance is comical.

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