The journey of an abandoned mother dog and her cubs: a story of a mother’s affection, separation and unwavering devotion.ThuHa

Yesterday, we received a call from a little girl who heard a newborn puppy’s crying in her neighborhood. Upon arriving, we found a sick and emaciated mama dog, along with her nine newborn puppies, abandoned in the rain. The puppies were only a few hours old, and the mama dog had given birth alone, without any help, food, or shelter.

Desp ite her exhaustion, the mama dog was using all her remaining strength to protect her little puppies, who were also starving. We couldn’t understand why the previous owner had abandoned them, but it w as clear that they needed urgent rescue.

Sadly, we couldn’t save all the puppies. Four of them died due to the neglect they suffered. We tried our best to save the remaining six puppies and their mother, who was extremely friendly despite being abandoned.

We need supportive homes and godparents to take care of these puppies until they find their forever homes. We urge everyone to share this story as much as possible to help save these innocent lives. For now, they are safe with us, but they need your help to survive and thrive.

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