The kind man quenched the stray dog’s thirst and caressed it with the warmest gestures.ThuHa

As the dog did not stop asking for water with its front paws, the man did not hesitate to dedicate part of his time to help him. The pup, like many stray animals, relies on people’s kindness, and he was fortunate this time.

Every gesture that people make to help an animal speaks of how much they care about them . Puppies and cats are the most common cases of abandonment, which can be seen every day in different parts of the world, and for this reason it is practically impossible to adopt them all to save them from that reality.

Unfortunately , not everyone can have an animal in the house due to certain rules that must be followed, or because they do not have enough resources to get a larger space, but the small details are just as important.

Giving a stray animal food, shelter, transporting it to a shelter, or calling for rescue are all as valuable as adopting them.

This was demonstrated by an unknown man in a video that circulated on social media, in which he can be seen directly from his hands giving water to a street dog.

Tansu Yeen, a Turkish businessman, shared the video on his Twitter account, where the man can be seen gathering with more people and drawing water from a public tap to give to the dog, who appeared thirsty and begging with his front paws.

The man cupped his hands together to collect water, then bent down and carefully brought it closer to the puppy so that it did not fall to the floor.

The pup was not long in drinking the water from his hands, nor in finishing it , so the man stood up to get more. Another person nearby opened the faucet for him, allowing him to collect more water in his hands to continue hydrating the thirsty creature.

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