The little dog miraculously survived despite being stuck in a puddle of asphalt thanks to his extraordinary energy

The dog was discovered when half of its body was buried under the asphalt, now it can only bark weakly to ask for help from people around. The dog’s pitiful cry saved its life when it was discovered by workers near the town of Suwałki, Poland.

When they heard a faint sound from a swamp, workers followed this cry and discovered a small dog lying in a puddle of asphalt with more than half of its body trapped. What the little dog can do is not stop meowing and barking.

It tries to make a sound to get people’s attention. Half of the dog’s body was buried and stuck under the asphalt. A rescue team from the Niczyje Animal Foundation was then called to help the dog out of the asphalt puddle.

Many witnesses burst into tears when they saw the dog screaming in pain. According to some people present, the small dog may be an abandoned stray dog ​​that accidentally got its paw in this asphalt puddle and couldn’t move. No one knows how long this dog has been stuck here, but the time it was discovered its cry was very weak and tired.

According to some people’s speculation, if the rescue is delayed, the dog will probably die from fatigue and exhaustion. Rescuers called on the local fire brigade to help them remove the bit of asphalt stuck to half of the dog’s body, they had to carefully cut off the sticky hair and then use cooking oil to loosen it. The adhesive of the plastic does not affect the small dog’s skin. After much effort, the dog was finally saved from the asphalt.

Veterinarians have restored the dog to its health by taking better care of it. At the veterinary center, he was named Farcik. It has gone through its life and death moment but still tries until the moment it is almost exhausted. The local rescue force later shared that when Farcik was truly alive and miraculously recovered, they would find a new home for it at the same time.

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