The mischievous dog Loki leaves the Internet in stitches with muddy antics that make everyone laugh

Hilarious Video of Mischievous Golden Retriever Goes Viral, Leaving Internet in Stitches

Dog-sitting can be a breeze with well-behaved pups, but one mischievous ‘granddog’ had the internet in hysterics after wreaking muddy havoc in a viral video.

The video features Loki, an adorable golden retriever, who couldn’t resist turning his lustrous coat into a muddy brown during a walk. Despite Loki’s owners hoping for good behavior during his stay with his grandparents, the ‘granddog’ had other plans. Since its upload on July 4, the video has garnered over 3 million views and received more than 101,800 likes.

Many dog owners are all too familiar with the sight of their furry friends rolling in dirt or worse. No matter how many baths they get or how expensive the shampoo, their fur can still end up looking filthy.

While owners often watch in disgust, dogs love rolling around in the dirt and rarely pass up the opportunity to do so. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), this behavior may be rooted in their instinct to cover their scent and hide from predators or prey. Scent rolling is common among hunting wolves, and although domestic dogs may not have the same motivations, it seems to be an ingrained behavior for them.

Another theory mentioned by the AKC is that wolves roll on interesting objects, such as the carcass of an animal, and bring the scent back to their pack. This behavior may also be seen in dogs, even those as delightful as Loki.

When Loki’s grandparents were entrusted with his care, they were assured that he was well-behaved and had good manners. However, his misadventures might cause them to question that description. Alongside the hilarious mud-covered video, Loki’s owner playfully captioned, ‘Sorry, mom.’

Among the hundreds of comments on the TikTok post, many fellow golden retriever owners shared similar experiences. One comment humorously states, ‘Even the best-behaved golden rarely stays clean around mud, water, and other animals. It’s playtime!’ Another person quips, ‘Just needed a little mud bath to get that natural glow.’

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