The moment the poor dog was lying on the street hoping for someone to help him overcome his difficulties right now looks so pitiful

The video clip landed in our inbox without a warning, filled with an almost overwhelming amount of sorrow. It was sent by a concerned citizen, who had become entwined in the heartbreaking tale of a paralyzed street dog that was bravely surviving, day by day, on the harsh city streets.

The dog had a broken leg, a fractured spine, and a heart so enormous it was a marvel that it fit within his little body. His tale began on the unforgiving streets, where he roamed aimlessly, dragging his impaired limbs along, looking for solace, food, and perhaps, a hint of compassion from passers-by.

Our contact had tried to catch him, but the scared creature managed to slip away each time. Perseverance in face of adversity, his actions echoed, even though he didn’t comprehend that this particular human was trying to help, not harm. The bitter taste of betrayal from the past made the dog wary, and it was understandable.

Out of desperation, our contact reached out to us, asking for help to rescue this poor soul. We responded immediately, rushing to his location to bring him to a sanctuary, where he would no longer need to forage for scraps or hide from the biting winter winds.

When we arrived, the dog was nowhere to be seen. The whistling winds seemed to have carried him away, a bleak tribute to his resilience. But even in hiding, his presence was felt. The slightly wagging tail that peeked out from behind a pile of discarded cardboard boxes told us all we needed to know: this was the sweetest, most friendly dog one could meet, yet scarred by the cruelty of his circumstances.

He was disinterested in food, refusing to leave his hideaway. The fear in his eyes spoke volumes, mirroring the cruel world he had known. He was trying to protect himself, which unfortunately made our rescue operation even more challenging.

After much coaxing and reassuring, we managed to transport him to our shelter. A place where the wounded hearts and bodies of street dogs like him found a temporary respite from the constant struggle of survival. A place where they didn’t have to wander the streets for scraps of food, but instead, could find a warm bed and a loving touch.

However, what would come next was a question that loomed over our heads. Our sanctuary was still under construction, the heartwarming haven for permanently disabled dogs was not yet ready to welcome its first occupant.

The dog had a broken leg and a spinal injury. The prognosis was not good. He would need time and intense care to recover, if at all possible, and we were committed to providing just that.

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