The moments when the poor dog is heartbroken sitting in the rain when reunited with his family after 8 months of separation and the speechless moments make us extremely heartbroken and touched

In Malaysia, amidst heavy rainfall, a desolate and melancholic dog caught the attention of those passing by a shop. Jim, known as TikTokkerJimmie, noticed the dog’s dejected state and decided to capture the moment on video. Concerned for its well-being, Jim reached out to the shop owner, who revealed that the dog had been enduring the harsh weather outdoors for four consecutive days.

The dog surveys the roadway in front of her, as if she’s looking for someone.


Jimmie addresses the dog, inviting her to enjoy some food: “Hey there, doggie… Why don’t you come over and have a bite? And even if you’re not hungry, feel free to relax here in the cool shade.” Jimmie, a passionate animal lover, frequently provides food to stray dogs he comes across while out and about.



After his recordings of the dog went viral, catching the attention of a woman named Vaani, she wasted no time reaching out to JimJimmie. She eagerly informed him that the dog in the videos belongs to her and goes by the name of Bairava.



After being separated from his family, Bairava had been absent for a period of eight months. It was revealed that during this time, Vaani was recovering from an illness. According to Vaani, the dog had been under the care of a friend who unfortunately neglected to secure the gate properly. Bairava, feeling fearful, fled the scene due to the presence of firecrackers during a festival. It is worth mentioning that Vaani had initially discovered Bairava as a stray dog five years prior.



According to Vaani, she informed the Malaysian news site SAYS that for a whole month, she and her family diligently searched for Bairava but regrettably, they were unable to find her.



“I spent a month wandering through the neighborhood, shouting her name,” she said. “But I never caught sight of her,” Vaani told SAYS. The moment Vaani and her family were finally reunited with Bairava, tears streamed down their faces. “I rushed over and called out her name… we were all overwhelmed with emotion, crying and embracing our beloved dog,” she recounted.


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