The Most Radical Hot Rod On Earth! 1930 Hudson with Dual 468 Big Blocks, Dual 671 Blowers Pushing 1600+ Horsepower!

This Hudson is unlike any Hot Rod you’ll ever see. This is the only hot rod of It’s kind! The attention to detail and the overall craftsmanship are hands down difficult to comprehend. Typically one would think that something of this magnitude would require a team of engineers and an endless amount of time and $$$.
Fortunately, all it took was a single human being with a vast imagination and a truck load of fortitude and like magic, you have one of the most significant pieces of mobile artwork the World has ever seen.

Within the last several months, the Hudson has won a few notable awards. It took “Best Engineered” at World of Wheels 2016. Even more prestigious, it won Art of the Concourse here in Kansas City. We are talking about a car that was surrounded by Duesenbergs & came out on top!

I have always had a great appreciation for all Hot Rods, Street Rods, and Muscle Cars. They have always been a huge part of my life but this one, this one has taken my appreciation to a new level.
One in which is hard to explain. It is not due to its overall appearance or sheer magnitude; it is a bit deeper than that. It is the feeling that this Hudson puts right in the center of your chest. Imagine standing five feet from railroad tracks and a speeding Locomotive flies past you at full speed. The feel of the engines, the sounds and vibration from steel beating against steel, just the sheer pressure that comes from such a monstrous piece of machinery.
That is the best way I can describe standing next to this Hudson when it fires up and just sits idle. The very first thing that came to mind when I was first able to witness it start up was the word “death”. It is just absolutely phenomenal and exceptionally difficult to put in to words. I can say with certainty that this Hudson would definitely give the four horsemen of the apocalypse a run for their money.

The entire drive train & frame are surreal. Here is a break down of what it consists of:

– Dual (2) 468 Chevy Big Blocks With Holley Hydraulic Cam Shafts
– 454 Steel Heads
– Timing Chains
– Dual (2) 600 CFS Carburetors
– Dual (2) 671 GMC Blowers
– Dual (2) 400 Turbo Transmission With Shift Kits
– Dual (2) Meziere Electric Water Pumps + 2 Manual Water Pumps
– Four MSD Distributors + Wires
– Dual (2) Master Cylinders
– Dual (2) 9″ Ford Rear Ends With Detroit Lockers
– Sweet Power Steering Unit
– T-Bird Rack

Both motors have been dialed in and the bugs are worked out. Both 468’s run on regular pump gas.

The body of the Hudson was completely tore down and went through an extensive amount of fabrication. The roof was chopped 3″ while it was stretched 13″ wide. The rear wheel housing was completely fabricated. It measures out at seven feet and four inches. The front fenders are from a 1927 Model T. The front tilting hood was completely fabricated and it compliments the body of the Hudson very nicely. As you can see, the doors & body panels line up exceptionally well. The paint work is stunningly beautiful. There are no runs, no orange peel, no cracks, just beautiful mirror finish paint work.

As you will see, she has 59 Cadillac tail lights which really compliment the dramatic flares of the rear wheel housing. All of the chrome, stainless, and glass are in excellent condition. The rear wheels are Centerline Bottlecaps which are 15×15 (33/22/15) and the front wheels are a pair of Rocker Gasser rims which measure at 4 1/2 x 15. The body of the Hudson has also been fitted with custom LED lighting which at night makes the Hudson look exceptionally tough. The lighting runs under the Hudson and highlights the interior of the grill as well as both motors.

The interior of this Hudson consists of real leather and carbon fiber vinyl. It has an exceptional amount of room and is extremely comfortable. The 59 Impala instrument panels are in excellent condition with no pitting nor any issues. Everything works exceptionally well. The shifter is a B&M. The Hudson has power windows as well as a backup camera which is mounted to a 7″ LCD under the dash.
This Hudson passes everything but the gas station, but keep in mind that it may be the most radical trip to the gas station you could make… even if you’re only cruising at idle!
If you love the feel and power of a Hot Rod on Hulk like steroids, then the Hudson Hornet is for you. If there was ever to be a King of the Hot Rods, this would be it.


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