The pet dog is extremely smart and loyal when alone taking care of 3 newborn babies, letting his mother go to the market, making the neighbors extremely admired

A mother of triplets undoubtedly faces a demanding task with three brand new human beings to care for. To make matters more challenging, if she also owns a dog, it can add to the complexity.

That’s precisely what happened to Lauren Barnes, who gave birth to triplets while also having a Goldendoodle.

However, the reality is that caring for the triplets becomes more manageable with the assistance of Sunny, the Goldendoodle, who helps the mother. Subsequently, she started sharing videos of her three babies and their dog on TikTok.

Barnes decided to share one of these videos on Facebook, and since then, it has garnered over three million views, turning into a viral sensation. In the video below, you can see the dog ensuring the well-being of her three infant siblings, all just two months old, by licking and gently sniffing them.

It’s evident that Sunny cherishes her three human siblings as much as their mother does. Many viewers applauded Sunny for her role in assisting the mother with the newborns. It’s a heartwarming sight! Take a look at the clip below.

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