The poor abandoned dog blocked the car on the road, look how pitiful it is, please help it.ThuHa

According to Paw Shelter, they just spotted a puppy wandering around on the road and chose to take him back.

They were on the way back to the countryside when they discovered him, and it was pretty unsafe for him to be on the road with automobiles coming and leaving.

He was very cute and attentive, and his fur was still wet from the rain. They wanted to make sure he was healthy, but they had limited medical problems.

They gave him something to eat and he looked to be doing alright. He was afraid when he heard other dogs barking, so they let him be alone in an empty cage.

They named him Pingan and we are taking good care of him. He is lacking a limb, so he requires extra love and attention. They have been treating him regularly and he is now quite energetic. He even seems to assume that a dog named Doudou is his mother!

It is really nice to watch how Pingan has acclimated to his new home.

“He is a reminder of how vital it is to take care of animals, especially those who are in need. We are very delighted that we were able to offer him a secure and loving home.”

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