The poor dog is paralyzed and can’t stand up crying for everyone’s help and doesn’t leave him in this helpless moment

Loyal Pit Bull Sacrificed Herself to Save Her Human from Venomous Snake

A sweet Beagle/Hound mix had wandered into a distant construction site. According to the caller, it was not uncommon for dogs to be abandoned in this area and this particular pup had been seen for a few days. Today, however, when he spotted her she was unable to stand. Her hind leg was swollen, bruised, and bent. Her front leg on the same side was also swollen and bent. She required urgent medical care, so he contacted Stray Rescue.

We arrived as quickly as possible. In the meantime, the caller had retrieved a cushion, his coat, and a blanket to make her as comfortable as he could. It became immediately apparent that she had two broken legs and, according to the caller, there was nothing in the area but trains that could have hit her. We wrapped her in the blanket and lifted her into the jeep. She didn’t utter a sound, merely wagged her tail in appreciation, knowing she was safe.

When we rushed her to our on-site Trauma Center at Stray Rescue, the vet clinic went to work immediately. At just one year of age, this poor little creature had endured so much. After examining her x-rays, our veterinarians found multiple fractures in both her front left leg and her back left leg. We put splints on both legs, but she will require specialty surgeries to fix her humerus and tibia. We named her Polar Express, and she is as sweet as can be. However, she still has a long journey to full recovery and surgery ahead of her.

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