The poor dog lost part of his face and was abandoned by his owner, but luck came to him, making his life like a new page with lots of love

Bjarni, an adorably small dog, was abandoned by his owners and found wandering the streets of Houston, Texas. Despite losing half of his nose, rescuers rallied together enough funds to provide him with reconstructive surgery.

After attempting to reunite him with his owners, the animal control agency discovered that they were reluctant to keep him any longer. Consequently, they were compelled to transfer him to a nearby shelter. Bjarni’s family received the distressing news that he might face euthanasia. However, they were disinterested in such a fate for him. Their aversion towards his appearance hindered them from wanting to understand him better.

Anne GraƄer, the founder of St. Francis’ Angels, an animal rescue organization based in Texas, received a communication from the shelter staff.

Without any hesitation, Mrs. Graber welcomed him and promised to do everything she could to heal his face. She also vowed to give him love and care until she found him a deserving home where they could be companions. Graber concluded that his behavior indicates a lack of confidence and that most of his experiences with people have been negative.

Based on the bite marks on his body, it appears that he has been involved in multiple dog attacks, which is difficult to believe considering how amazing he is. Even the most dominant and aggressive dogs in our area would have been won over by him. He prefers a comfortable bed and “toys” and does not enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors.

Despite having a malformation in his snout that made it difficult for him to breathe and eat, this young puppy remained incredibly affectionate towards everyone.

The surgery to fix his nose was incredibly successful. Prior to the procedure, a generous sum of $5100.00 was raised by compassionate individuals to cover his medical expenses. Bjarni made a complete recovery, and his quality of life greatly improved. He even found the perfect living arrangement for himself.

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